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Weapon Review

Pirates of the Caribbean
Jack Sparrow Kid's Sword


Type: Sword
Use: Toy
Blade Material: Plastic
Average Cost: $29.95

4 out of 5 Stars
4/5 Stars


This is one of the better Disney products I have reviewed. In fact, it is one of the most sturdy toy swords I have seen. The Jack Sparrow sword features a full tang, almost the same width as the blade. This feature is highly unusual for plastic swords and makes this little toy quite strong. It even held up in battle against my wooden trainer-sword. Being made of plastic, the sword is soft enough to be safe against all but the hardest of slashes, and thrusting attacks are much less dangerous, as the sword flexes laterally when forced from the tip.

Sparrow's Sword

In addition to strength and safety, this is one of the most realistic toy sword I have seen Disney sell. The 18 inch, silver colo red blade is the perfect length for young pirates, and features an artistic depiction of Jack Sparrow, along with his name, emblazoned on one side of the blade. The hilt features a black plastic grip, knuckle-bow style hand guard, and spherical pommel. All the components of a real sword.

The sword even comes with a full scabbard. Made of a harder black plastic, the scabbard features a double-loop used for attachment to a belt. As a finishing touch, the scabbard is adorned with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" title along with the iconic skull and crossed swords.

Young Pirate with Jack's Sword

This is all-around a great piece, one that I am glad to have stumbled across. Now for the down side; I purchased this sword in Disneyland from the Pieces of Eight store, just outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Now I can not find it for sale anywhere outside the park. Usually the online Disney store has everything the park would, but I can not find it there or anywhere else on the web.

This little sword is durable, great fun, and great looking. If you can find it buy it. This sword is well woth the price, and well deserving of its 5 stars.

-Reviewed by:
Captain Stormy Monday


*Please remember that even a toy sword is dangerous! No pirate should ever engage in sword combat without proper instruction, safety equipment, and supervision.




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