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Book Review

The Sea Hawk
Starring Errol Flynn

The Sea Hawk

Rating: NR
Genere: Action/ Adventure
Length: 127 Minutes
Format: Black & White

4 out of 5 Stars
4/5 Stars


The Sea Hawk focuses on the fictional story of Privateer Geoffrey Thorpe (Errol Flynn), and his adventures in defending England from a Spanish invasion.

As expected, Flynn delivers another stunning performance, and is only complemented by Flora Robson’s fantastic portrayal of Queen Elizabeth. From a production standpoint, The Sea Hawk is absolutely cutting edge (for its time of course). This film featured one of the largest casts and highest budgets of the time, and the special effects utlized a huge flooded sound stage, on which they floated scale model boats.

The amazing cast, attention to detail, and special effects really make this film something special.
In addition, Errol Flynn is given the opportunity to once again flaunt his skill with a blade. Be prepared, this movie features one of the best filmed sword fights in existance. You will have to hold out until the end to see it, but it is absolutely worth the wait!

As will most Flynn films, don't put too much thought into the historical accuracy of the film. It is by no means an accurate portrayal of seafaring life, but I absolutely recommend this film. The story can progress slowly at times but push through it, because this one is worth seeing.

The Sea Hawk is a must watch!
This wonderful film is quite
deserving of its 4 Stars.




The Sea Hawk

-Reviewed by:
Sharkwater McGunness




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