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Book Review

Captain Blood:
Starring Errol Flynn

Captain Blood

Rating: G
Released: 1935
Genere: Action/ Adventure
Length: 119 Minutes
Format: Black & White

4 out of 5 Stars
4/5 Stars


The story begins with our Protagonist, Dr. Peter Blood (Played by Errol Flynn). While working as a doctor in England, Peter is wrongfully convicted of treason and banished to the West Indies. In the Indies, Blood is forced into slavery and hard labor on a plantation. Using his whit and strong-will, Blood rallies the other enslaved men. With planning and a bit of luck, Blood and his mates successfully escape from the plantation, steal a Spanish ship, and put to sea. Finding no other option, Blood and his mates take up piracy, and they quickly rises to notoriety.

In his time Errol Flynn was considered a master of the silver screen, and for good reason. The man exudes charisma and charm, and with his quick whit and skill with a blade, he draws his viewer to him even more. As Captain Blood, Flynn is a cool tempered Captain who tends to rely more on the sharpness of his whit than of his blade.

You should not watch this film with the notion that it will be at all historicaly accurate. Between the terminology & ship's rig, there are certainly some gaps. Just bear in mind, this work of fiction was made solely for entertainment. And although this movie has a rather predictable storyline, (as with most movies of the era) it is still quite exciting. Especialy for an older film, Captain Blood truly hits the mark.

I highly recommend this movie to any interested at all in pirates, swashbuckling, or old tinsel town films. It is indeed a classic, and worth watching.

Captain Blood is a Classic Swashbuckling film and should not be missed!
4 out of 5 stars for this wonderfull film


Captain Blood

-Reviewed by:
Sharkwater McGunness





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