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Book Review

From Blackbeard to Walking the Plank


Author: David Pickering
Collins Gem (Harper Collins)
Year Released:2006
256 pages
Genre: Non-Fiction
MSRP: $7.95
ISBN: 978-0-06113-712-9

4 out of 5 Stars
4/5 Stars


Presented in a deceivingly small package, David Pickering's book PIRATES stands barely 5 inches tall, and is packed full of more information than I could have imagined would fit on the roughly 250 minuscule pages. Its small and simple design reflect the layout of the entire text: A simple, no-frills collection of a vast berth of pirate related information.

PIRATES was created by Collins Gem publications, as a compilation and reference text. Author David Pickering does a brilliant job at gathering and arranging the information in a way that makes it easy and interesting to read. Created by reviewing hundreds of sources, the text is beautifully supplemented with photos and illustrations taken from a wide variety of historical sources.

This book is intelligently organized, solely for the use as a reference text. Conveniently divided into six sections, readers can easily pick out the most interesting topics and begin filling their brain with useful facts. Focusing on history, famous pirates, ships, pirate life, and current piracy, readers can readily find any piece of information they desire.

As a word of warning, readers looking for fresh information about history and piracy should search elsewhere. However, those simply looking for basic pirate information (and lots of it) have truly found a gem. Although no new information is presented in this book, PIRATES is a wonderful text for any beginning pirate enthusiast. Compiling information from hundreds of books into a clean, pocket-sized reference, Pickering has provided a simple and effective view into the life of pirates.


-Reviewed by:
Captain Stormy Monday





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