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Captain Culliford

  Title: English Pirate
Born: ?
Died: ?
Known Ships:The Revolution

Captain Culliford was known to frequent the island of Madagascar. It was there he met Captain William Kidd. Were it not for his chance meeting with Captain Kidd, the story of Captain Culliford would have been lost to history.

Shortly after capturing and taking for a prize an East India Company vessel named The Revoultion. Culliford and his crew returned to the Island of Madagascar to rest and provision their new vesssel. Not but a few days after arriving, Culliford spotted a powerfull, well armed ship entering the harbor. Recognizing it as the ship of William Kidd, Culliford was terrified. The pirates, who had heard of Kidd's commission to hunt pirates, lay trapped in the harbor. Of course Culliford, who had not yet learned that Kidd had turned pirate himself, was astonnished when he was greeted with open arms, rather than an open noose.


Captain Culliford 's Flag________________________________________


Captain Culliford was not known to have flown a flag of his own design. He did however, frequently fly a plain black flag.




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