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  Title: Pirate
Born: ?
Died: ?
Known Ships: Quedagh Merchant

Not much is known of the pirate known as Bolton. Most likely of English decent, Bolton was a seasoned pirate from a seafaring family. He was recruited by Captain William Kidd while ashore on the Island of Madagascar. After just a few short few months as member of the crew, Bolton became well trusted by Kidd. When Kidd left to return to New York and clear his name, he enrusted his ship, the Quedagh Merchant, and a considerable store of his wealth to Bolton and a handfull of men. Bolton was made the Captain of the Quedagh Merchant, and parted ways with Kidd. Knowing the Quedagh Merchant was being sought by the British Navy, Bolton purchased a second vessel and transfered to it all the good left in his command. In an attempt to destroy the evidence, he had the Quedagh Merchant ran up on the beach in San Domingo and light her a fire.


Bolton's Flag________________________________________


Bolton did not have his own flag.




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