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The Black Spades Pirate Society
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Piratical Events
Just a few of the events in which the Black Spades Crew participates:


February 10th

Blackest Day ~ Across the Globe


The Blackest Day marks the death of Captain Bartholomew Roberts.
Commonly referred to as Black Bart, Captain Roberts was the most successful pirate of the golden age. On February 10th 1722 Bartholomew Roberts was killed by enemy cannon fire. The death of Captain Roberts shocked the world and effectively marked the end of The Golden Age of Piracy.

To commemorate the life and death of Captain Bartholomew Roberts, each year on February 10th The Black Spades march through town, proudly flying his flag. The march ends at the beach, where three shots are fired from the cannon at dusk.


May 2nd

International Scurvy Awareness Day ~ Across the Globe


The International Scurvy Awareness Day was pioneered by the creators of limestrong.com "The humble mission of LimeStrong is to make sure that every single person in the world is aware that the only thing they need to eradicate Scurvy from their lives forever is to simply eat at least a couple of fruits or vegetables a week." For us modern pirates, it is simply a day which gives us one more excuse to enjoy some of our favorite fruit flavored cocktails.



June 16th-20th

Stanford Pirates Camp ~ Palo Alto , California


This pirate themed youth camp is the product of the paring of the Sanford University Fencing and Sailing Teams. This week long day camp focuses on games, songs, art and activities, all with a pirate flare. Sea shanties, sword fights, cannon-fire and treasure hunts are sure to ensue!


June 18th-19th, 2016

The Northern California Pirate Festival ~ Vallejo, California


A wonderfully organized festival, this one is a favorite among the Spade Crew. Dozens of booths, amazing food (and drink), and endless entertainment by professionals gathered from around the globe. There are even live canon demonstrations and a Ship to Shore battle. One of the best events in the country. Activities and entertainment for everyone, families and enthusiasts alike.



September 19th

International Talk Like a Pirate Day ~ Across the Globe


Created in 1996 by Ol' Chumbucket and Cap'n Clappy, Talk Like a Pirate Day has quickly risen to international fame. This is a day in which we can release ourselves from the societal norms and embrace our true inner pirate. Yet another wonderful excuse to raid the town in full pirate regalia.



November 22nd

Black Beard's Death Day ~ Across the Globe


Black Beard was (and still is) one of the most notorious pirates that ever existed. He was so successful in creating a persona that nearly 300 years later he is still a legend. It is said that it took more than five pistol shots and twenty sabers to bring him down, but on November 22, 1718 Black Beard was killed.

On November 22nd, we celebrate the legend of his life by marching through town (dressed in full pirate regalia of course). Our march ends at the beach where we fire three rounds from the cannon at dusk.



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